Curriculum Track - Careers in Geosciences

Published on: Apr 24, 2023

Curriculum guide_ careers in geosciences BannerThis curriculum resource is designed so that you can explore some basics about the variety of geoscience careers that are available. Below are a few suggested resources and discussion prompts. Use only the resources that will aid you in making progress on the goals you have set with your mentor.

  1. Geoscience Career Possibilities
  2. Build Your Career with AGU
  3. What Is a Career Compass?
  4. Learn About Non-academic Careers

Geoscience Career Possibilities - The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) developed this infographic to help students entering the workforce identify what it means to have a career in geoscience. Having a successful geoscience career is not solely about mastering the technical fields of study, but additionally includes how students seamlessly integrate their interests and competencies to build a professional portfolio that will bolster their geoscience career. To help break down this infographic, IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology) made an accompanying video on the workforce sectors where geoscience careers exist as well as fields of interest to help break down the infographic.

Build Your Career with AGU - No matter your career stage, continually developing your professional skillset is important to advancing yourself and helping guide others. AGU provides career and educational resources including webinars, mentoring services, and support for students and professionals at all levels in Earth and space science.

What Is a Career Compass? - The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) developed career compasses that identify key developmental pathways and milestones towards a range of careers in the geosciences. This Geoscience Current describes how to use the growing series of career compasses that outline a variety of geoscience occupations.

Learn About Non-academic Careers - Interested in some fundamentals about science careers and career trends? Read firsthand advice on how to use your degree to navigate nonacademic career options. Learn about the similarities and differences in professional pathways and the language used for a non-tenure track career compared to a tenure-track career. Explore a new website about non-academic geoscience careers.