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Geoscience Graduate School & Careers Flowchart

Published on: Sep 6, 2023

Bridge_Program Grad School_Flow_Chart

Whether you're just finishing up an undergraduate degree or have been in the workforce for years, pursuing graduate school can be a difficult decision. To help work through this, use AGU's flowchart guide to graduate school for recommendations on how to dive into the next step of your career. Just start at the top with the most broad questions, and work your way down to map your next path. Want to be a professor, but not ready to undertake a PhD? No problem! Why not gain some more work experience or pursue some certifications first? Linked throughout the chart are useful resources for people on all levels of certainty. That means if you're unsure of what sector you want to work in, how your chosen career path benefits from higher education, or anything else, check out the flowchart to start the research process. Additionally, AGU offers other support such as webinars and mentoring services to help find what path is best for you.