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GROW- a Geoscience Careers Resource

Published on: Feb 1, 2023

GROW site

The Geoscience Resources on Opportunities in the Workforce (GROW) website is a centralized database of new and existing career resources for geoscience students, mentors, and departments with careful attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices. Here you can use this tool to discover career pathways, explore occupations, view career profiles, and learn how to find a geoscience position that fits your skills and interests.  

Some of the highlights to this source include: 1) Curated links to existing career resources from professional societies, employers & other sources. 2) New content and resources created with the help of current geoscience professionals. 3) A one-stop shop for geoscientist profiles, degree and licensing information, sector-specific how-to, example employers & more! The geosciences workforce has a place for you!