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  • Science Communication Careers

    • Jul 13, 2016

    Watch this webinar and learn about different career paths you can take, how to market yourself to perspective employers, what skills to hone now and how to set yourself up for future success.

  • Siri-Jodha Khalsa

    • Jun 24, 2016

    Read about Research Scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center, Dr. Siri-Jodha Khalsa.

  • Linda Smith

    • May 20, 2016

    Read about Co-founder and Director of Filters For Families Dr. Linda Smith

  • What Should I Do With My Life? Strategic Steps to Identify Career Paths and Position Yourself for Success

    • Apr 25, 2016
    • Alaina G. Levine

    Learn how to explore different ideas you have for yourself and your career by identifying, creating and seizing opportunities. This webinar will discuss what you can do today to plan for the future AND enjoy the present.

  • Jeremy Inglis

    • Apr 22, 2016

    Read about geochronologist and U.S. Operations Engineer at IsotopX, Jeremy Inglis.

  • career paths

    AGI's Workforce Infographic

    • Apr 22, 2016

    For those gearing up to enter the workforce, established professionals and everyone in between: AGI's useful Infographic shows how expansive geoscience employment can be!

  • Bruce Schaefer

    • Jan 21, 2016

    Read about isotopic geochemist Dr. Bruce Schaefer.

  • Carlos Dengo

    • Jan 4, 2016

    Read about petroleum geoscientist Dr. Carlos Dengo.

  • Martha Savage

    • Oct 12, 2015

    Read about Professor at the Victoria University of Wellington and 2015 AGU Fellow Martha Savage.

  • Benjamin Preston

    • Aug 19, 2015

    Read about Deputy Director of the Climate Change Institute and Senior Research Scientist Benjamin Preston.

  • Holly Gilbert

    • Aug 6, 2015

    Read about Deputy Division Director of the Heliophysics Science Division at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Holly Gilbert.

  • Carley Crann

    • Jun 19, 2015

    Read about radiocarbon sample prep technician Carley Crann.

  • Robert Marquis

    • Jun 19, 2015

    Read about mining institute president and CEO Robert Marquis.

  • Christopher Thorton

    • Feb 26, 2015

    Read about Lead Program Officer for Research, Conservation and Exploration at the National Geographic Society, Christopher Thorton.

  • Rolf Hut

    • Feb 9, 2015

    Read about hydrologist and science communication expert Rolf Hut.

  • Matthew Miller

    • Jan 29, 2015

    Read about research hydrologist Matthew Miller.

  • Jennifer Bauer

    • Jan 15, 2015

    Read about landslide mapping consultant Jennifer Bauer.

  • Zack Lawrence

    • Oct 14, 2014

    Read about ExxonMobil Acquisition Project Technical Lead Geophysical Operations Zack Lawrence.

  • Jeff Wynn

    • Sep 14, 2014

    Read about research geophysicist Jeff Wynn.

  • Arlene Fiore

    • Jul 28, 2014

    Read about atmospheric chemist Arlene Fiore.