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About Stroud Water Research Center

    The Stroud Water Research Center ( is an independent not-for-profit 501c3 organization with a mission to advance the global knowledge and stewardship of fresh water systems through research and education. SWRC scientists have conducted pioneering research on streams and rivers throughout the world for more than 45 years with a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach to basic and applied questions. SWRC’s scientific expertise currently includes biogeochemistry, organic and isotope geochemistry, microbiology, aquatic entomology, fish ecology, hydrology, and ecosystem modeling. SWRC’s Education Department works with scientists to build educational programs and resources on freshwater science, management and stewardship that target a wide audience.  The Education Department provides a direct, in-house outreach component for all of the SWRC’s science programs and offers researchers the opportunity for science-education initiatives intended to broaden the impact of their science program outcomes/outputs. A data management and information services team works collaboratively with all scientists and educators. SWRC faculty also have adjunct appointments and mentor undergraduate and graduate students from several nearby universities, including the Univ. of Delaware, Univ. of Pennsylvania and Univ. of Maryland.     The SWRC’s 30 acre campus is located in Avondale, PA on the banks of White Clay Creek, a Wild and Scenic River and PA Exceptional Value stream (the highest water-quality designation in PA).  Researchers have access to a 45 year dataset on aspects of the creek and to many sites within its 1,800 acre experimental watershed as well as nearby watersheds (Red Clay and Brandywine Creeks).  Research at these sites is now partially supported by the Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory, which is managed in a partnership between SWRC and the University of Delaware.  Research facilities at SWRC include four outdoor experimental streams/flumes, indoor stream channels fed by White Clay Creek, aquatic mesocosms with precise state-of-the-art temperature and light control, a greenhouse facility with flowing streams, analytical instruments for a wide range of biogeochemical measurements, and a environmental sensor laboratory staffed by a full-time electrical engineer.      SWRC is currently expanding its campus to support its mission of research and education on freshwater ecology. The cornerstone of the project is the construction of a LEED-Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Environmental Education building (~16,000 sq. ft.). The “green” building will provide improved and expanded space for SWRC’s educational program. The building’s “green” components include rain gardens, geothermal systems, solar photovoltaic panels, roof top rainwater capture for greywater and for deionization for scientific uses, radiant floor heating, a wetland waste treatment system and drip irrigation disposal field, a green roof, and locally sourced building materials.

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