Center for Earth System Science, Tsinghua University

Contact: Yuanzheng Liu

S801, Meng Min Wei Science Bui
Tsinghua University, Hai Dian
Bei Jing

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About Center for Earth System Science, Tsinghua University


Earth System Science is a new multidisciplinary subject developed to study global change and it is an important scientific research field and hotspot in the world today. In order to further study both the changing laws of the Earth system and the impact of human activities on it, and to cultivate high-level talents for China and even the world to cope with global environmental change, Tsinghua University established the Earth System Science Research Center (referred to as the Geoscience Center) and the Global Change Institute in March 2009, which organize multidisciplinary research on global change issues to promote the construction and development of Earth Science. On November 30, 2016, in view of the corresponding school scale of geosciences, the Department of Earth System Science (referred to as the Department of Geosciences) was set up on the basis of the Geoscience Center.


The department aims to explore new knowledge in the fields of the earth sciences such as the atmosphere, land and sea, and related fields of physics, chemistry, biology and social economics, in order to maintain the safety of the earth's ecological environment, to contribute to the safety and sustainability of the earth's ecological environment, and to lead in the world of earth sciences. The development tasks of the department include:

Establish predictive capabilities for human-induced and natural environmental changes from local to global scales, and the ability to respond to environmental changes;

Cultivate students and educate the public on earth science and sustainable development;

Integrate and apply scientific knowledge to address social issues such as the sustainable use of ecological resources, the identification and prevention of potential threats to natural disasters, and the environmental consequences of human activities.




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