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The Bureau of Economic Geology at The University of Texas at Austin is leading the creation of a new research program on earthquakes, both natural and induced (or triggered). The Center for Integrated Seismicity Research (CISR) will be a multidisciplinary research center including researchers from the Bureau as well as from the following units of The University of Texas: the Institute for Geophysics; the Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering; the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering; the Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations; and the Department of Psychology. Our goal is to study and understand earthquakes, both natural and induced (or potentially induced) by human activity, and the risks associated with them. We anticipate a vigorous research program that leverages the installation of TexNet, a new seismic monitoring program that also will be acquired and deployed under this effort. Research topics involving regional processes, geomechanics, reservoir engineering, seismic hazard, risk assessment, and risk communication are all expected. The CISR anticipates filling three positions to begin administering this project. These positions, described below, are open for applications.

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