Contact: Crystal Chissell

United States

Email: fellows@drawdown.org

About Drawdown

Drawdown is a non-profit organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is developing a book, open-source database, and digital platform describing how one hundred solutions deployed at scale can alter the composition of our atmosphere and help forge a path toward temperature decline. Drawdown is developing a detailed, rigorously researched description and analysis of “state-of-the-shelf” technologies and practices that are currently in use, and the impact they will have assuming significant adoption within thirty years. This comprehensive range of solutions include technological solutions such as renewable energy and energy efficiency measures; social solutions that require behavior change like lowering consumption of material goods; and ecological solutions that restore carbon in soils and plants by bio-sequestering CO2. The list represents “no regrets” initiatives, solutions that should be implemented whether or not the threat of climate change existed. These are solutions that improve lives, protect the environment, and mitigate climate change. Central to the success of this project are our coalition members who help research and communicate our work throughout the world. This coalition is the bedrock on which Project Drawdown is possible. This project represents the collaborative input of over 200 researchers, professionals, students and future change-makers from across the globe.

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