PhD Research Assistantship in coastal carbon cycle

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Jun 08, 2018
Jul 08, 2018
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The Department of Oceanography and Coastal Studies at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge invites PhD applicants to join the Marine Geochemistry group on a NASA funded project to understand the fate, transformation and transport of carbon from coastal wetlands to open ocean.

Project Description

The transport of carbon from delta systems to the coastal ocean is still largely unknown and is considered a leakage in global carbon models of NASA which are assumed to end up buried in marine sediments and stored over long timescales. The major objective of this project is to test whether that assumption is correct or does some or most of that carbon become CO2 and end of in atmosphere or remains dissolved in water. The Mississippi River Delta provides the perfect opportunity to evaluate the fate of carbon at different stages of delta evolution: 1) the Barataria Bay region where the coastline is experiencing significant subsidence and land loss, and 2) the Wax Lake Delta region where a fast prograding delta is expanding. These two sites are analogues of contrasting responses to climate change, sea-level rise, and human activity. Understanding these two contrasting environments is critical to assess the role of delta systems in carbon export to the coastal oceans on a global scale.

Desired Qualification

The successful candidates will have a Bachelors or Master’s degree in marine science, geology, chemistry or other related field, and excellent written and oral communication skills. The successful candidate will be expected to participate in field work in Louisiana wetland and offshore Gulf of Mexico. The position has an expected start date of Spring/Summer 2019 and carries a graduate assistantship of $25,000 plus full tuition waiver. Interested candidates should send a statement of interest and a resume to Dr. Kanchan Maiti (, as well as complete a graduate school application at