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Diamond Bar, California
Jun 20, 2018
Jul 20, 2018
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South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) welcomes you to apply and become a part of our Clean Air Team! SCAQMD is a government agency responsible for air pollution control throughout a four-county region that includes all of Orange County and the urban portions of Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties, home to more than 17 million people. Our headquarters is located in Diamond Bar, California, just 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. If you are interested in joining an agency committed to protecting and educating people from the harmful effects of pollution, and working to ensure clean air and a healthful environment for everyone, then look no further! This may be the place for you! Apply now to become a part of our diverse “Clean Air Team” of over 700 employees, an annual budget of $149.9 million, and a state-of-the art air quality laboratory, and start making an impact on people’s lives. 

We are recruiting for either an Assistant Air Quality Specialist or Air Quality Specialist (AQMP/SIP Modeling/Inventory Unit & AQ Assessment Unit) for the AQMP/SIP Modeling/Inventory unit and the Air Quality Assessment unit of our Planning, Rule Development, and Area Sources (PRDAS) division, a major branch of SCAQMD.  An eligible list of candidates established with this recruitment can be used to fill a current and future Assistant Air Quality Specialist/Air Quality Specialist vacancies in our Planning, Rule Development, and Area Sources Division (PRDAS)

  • Conduct comprehensive three-dimensional chemical transport modeling to assist in policy decisions, air quality management plans, rule making activities and other special studies  
  • Prepare spatially and temporally allocated emissions inventories as input for photochemical transport modeling  
  • Perform complex air quality and meteorological data analysis  
  • Prepare research reports and publications based on air quality modeling and monitoring studies  
  • Conduct point-source modeling and review point-source modeling studies  
  • Develop and/or administer maintenance and upgrades of Linux-based parallel computing systems  
  • Prepare and/or perform presentations to convey complex air quality concepts to technical and/or general-public audiences  
  • Perform air quality forecasting  
  • Collaborate with other government agencies, academic institutions and other professional communities  
  • Analyze information and data leading to the preparation of written documents such as findings and recommendations, exceptional event analyses, rule drafts and supporting documents, reports, graphs, charts and statistical summaries  
  • Conduct highly-applied air quality research to support the mission of the agency 

In addition to the Minimum Qualifications which follow, the most competitively qualified candidates will possess:

  • A bachelor's degree (or higher) in the field of atmospheric science, environmental/chemical/mechanical engineering, chemistry, physics, meteorology, environmental science, and/or a related quantitative field.
  • An advanced degree in atmospheric science, environmental engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry, physics, meteorology, environmental science, or related field  
  • Extensive experience conducting numerical modeling with three dimensional photochemical transport models (e.g., CMAQ), mesoscale meteorological models such as WRF and MPAS, and grid-based emission preparation using SMOKE (Sparse Matrix Operator Kernel Emissions) or equivalent tools  
  • Experience conducting point-source numerical modeling (e.g., AERMOD)  
  • Extensive experience with Fortran, C, Linux shell programming, and database management (MYSQL) in Linux/Unix environment  
  • Experience with handling dataset formatted in Linux machine specific binary, netCDF, and GRIB  
  • Experience using advanced graphical packages such as PAVE (Package for Analysis and Visualization of Environmental data) and VERDI (Visualization Environmental for Rich Data Interpretation), Vis-5d, MET (Model Evaluation Tool), IDV (Integrated Data Viewer), NCL (NCAR Command Language), MATLAB, etc.  
  • Experience in the analysis and research of air quality data and other technical issues along with the preparation of various written documents, such as reports, publications, recommendations, technical papers, presentations, talking points, and correspondence  
  • Knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of air quality instrumentation  
  • Experience with, and knowledge of, the planning and development, application, and/or execution of comprehensive modelling and/or measurement air quality studies  
  • Experience with, and knowledge of, the technical evaluation of emissions inventories, air quality models, air quality measurements, air quality emissions, stationary or mobile source control technologies, health risk assessments, or other environmental issues  
  • Experience in reviewing complex technical documents, making related recommendations, and communicating key issues, orally and in writing, to superiors, teammates, special interest groups, the public, and other audiences


EDUCATION:  Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor's degree in engineering, environmental science, planning, or the physical, social, or biological sciences, depending upon the functions of the assigned unit.  

Assistant Air Quality Specialist:  No experience is required.  

Air Quality Specialist:  Two years of technical air quality or professional analytical experience that would demonstrate the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities of the position to which assigned.  

1. A completed employment application covering at least the past 10 years of employment history (or longer if you have other relevant experience), and your entire SCAQMD employment history if you are an SCAQMD employee. 

2. Four references which include the names and phone numbers of your present and past supervisors or managers, and/or college professors or persons for whom you have directly provided services, not peers. 

3. Responses to the Supplemental Questionnaire (SQ).  The SQ is a form of written test, and will be evaluated as such.  Your responses should be well written, clear, concise, and directly responsive to the question.  Please limit your responses to no more than one page per answer. 

4. An unofficial copy of your transcripts, documenting all qualifying education claimed, submitted as an attachment to your online application*.
*You must submit acceptable documentation for all education claimed on your application. Acceptable documentation consists of an unofficial copy of your transcripts attached to your application.  At a later date, candidates under final consideration will be required to arrange for original, official transcripts to be mailed directly from their college/university to SCAQMD, documenting all education claimed on their application.  

*For application guidelines/requirements, more information, and to apply, please visit our career page:

This position will close for consideration on 7/20/2018.