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Jul 19, 2018
Aug 18, 2018
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Development and Analysis of Long-term Passive Microwave Soil Moisture Data Record Using Observations from Multiple Satellites


We are seeking qualified applicants for a postdoctoral scholar research position in JPL’s Earth Science Section.  The successful candidate will work under the direction of Dr. Steven Chan on a NASA MEaSUREs project to deliver a global long-term soil moisture data record using passive microwave observations.  Upon completion of the project, the resulting data product will be distributed by one of the designated NASA DAACs for use in science, research, and applications.


The candidate will work with the project team primarily consisting of JPL and GSFC researchers to deliver a global long-term soil moisture data record on a three-year schedule.  The work will include (1) managing a long-term database of passive microwave observations from various satellites, (2) developing computer codes and necessary ancillary data for geophysical inversion of soil moisture, (3) creating assessment tools to quantify product uncertainty and long-term coherence, and (4) documenting interim project progress on a regular basis.  Throughout the duration of the project, the candidate is expected to collaborate with various team members to publish timely project results and discoveries in conferences and peer-reviewed journals.


Eligible candidates will hold a PhD or an equivalent degree in geophysics, electrical engineering, civil engineering, applied mathematics, earth system science, or a related field applicable in terrestrial hydrology.  They must have received their degree within the past five years on the date of their application.  Expertise in satellite data handling, software development, data analysis in MATLAB/IDL, and communications skills in presentation and writing is essential; experience in nonlinear optimization and data uncertainty estimation with real satellite data is highly desirable.  Postdoctoral scholar research positions are awarded for a minimum of one-year period and may be renewed up to a maximum period of three years.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory is a federal facility. Due to rules imposed by NASA, JPL will not accept applications from citizens of designated countries unless they are Legal Permanent Residents of the U.S. or have other protected status under 8 U.S.C. 1324b(a)(3). The Designated Countries List is available at