Geologists, Engineering Seismologists/Seismic Engineers, and Geotechnical Engineers

Lettis Consultants International, Inc
Concord, CA - Valencia, CA - Sacramento, CA
Jun 12, 2019
Jul 12, 2019
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Lettis Consultants International (LCI) is looking to hire one or more Earth Scientists (Geologists, Engineering Seismologists/Seismic Engineers, and Geotechnical Engineers) to work on consulting and applied research projects in the fields of Engineering Geology and Seismic Hazards Assessment. Although our focus is on Staff- and Project-level hires (0 – 8 years of professional experience), we are interested in hiring highly motivated, creative and successful consulting scientists with any amount of experience who are seeking professional and intellectual growth.

Applicants are expected to have an advanced degree (MS or PhD) and demonstrate outstanding analytical, writing, and oral communication skills. Please submit your resume and a cover letter to  Examples of previous work products (reports, dissertations, published papers) and professional references are welcome as well.

LCI is an Earth Science consulting firm specializing in engineering geologic, seismic and natural hazards investigations.  LCI is a California state and federally certified small business headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area with satellite offices in the Central Valley, Southern California, Georgia, and Colorado.  LCI is dedicated to providing its clients with science-based solutions to technically challenging Earth Science problems. LCI personnel have extensive experience conducting large, logistically complex, multi-disciplinary studies for critical facilities such as dams, pipelines, and nuclear power plants. 

Desired technical skillsets include:

Engineering and seismic geology

  • Paleoseismic studies, including trenching and borehole investigations
  • Drilling (soil borings and rock coring), and USCS soil classification and rock mass characterization
  • Rock-mass characterization, slope stability assessment and mitigation
  • Quaternary geologic, geomorphic, and/or active fault mapping
  • Application of Quaternary dating techniques for ages and rates of geomorphic surfaces and processes
  • Bedrock geologic mapping, including petrographic and structural analysis
  • Seismic-reflection interpretation and characterization of stratigraphic and structural features
  • Cross-section construction and balancing
  • Image interpretation of Lidar data, multi-beam bathymetric data, stereo aerial photography, and multispectral imagery
  • Review and synthesis of geologic, seismic, and geophysical datasets



Seismic and geotechnical engineering


  • Probabilistic and deterministic seismic hazard analysis
  • Evaluation and development of ground motion models
  • Time history development
  • Site response analysis
  • Liquefaction and lateral spread assessment
  • Slope stability analyses
  • Risk-informed decision making processes
  • Probabilistic risk assessment

LCI is committed to a diverse workforce and collegial working environment. We support active research and professional development for all employees, with a strong belief that good science and good people make good business.  LCI supports all full-time employees with health and dental coverage, a 401(k) retirement plan, and other benefits.