Applied Geophysics (Staff or Senior) Scientist - Energy Geosciences Division

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley, California
Oct 09, 2019
Nov 08, 2019
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Berkeley Lab’s Energy Geosciences Division has an immediate opening for a Staff or Senior Scientist in Applied Geophysics.

We are seeking an Applied Geophysicist with a record of leading innovative research in characterizing subsurface structure, and monitoring properties and processes, with a focus on seismology. As a member of the Energy Geosciences Division (EGD) you will lead and participate in leading-edge research in passive and active seismic methodologies, including borehole data acquisition. A successful candidate is expected to lead and expand our historically vibrant and extramurally supported frontier research program in applied seismology with a broad range of support from U.S. DOE programs in geothermal, carbon storage, and oil and gas, as well as external industry funding. Continued focus on developing novel field methods is expected, with an emphasis on permanent reservoir monitoring and time-lapse seismic imaging approaches. Development of novel imaging and inversion methods is encouraged, and internal collaboration with non-seismic methods including electromagnetic acquisition and imaging is also expected.

Currently funded research areas include distributed acoustic sensing (DAS), continuous active-source seismic monitoring (CASSM) using both surface and borehole sources, and advanced microseismic monitoring, as well as the development of new seismic modeling and inversion techniques. Data acquisition research areas utilize dedicated engineering support from LBNL’s Geoscience Measurement Facility which houses extensive resources for novel field seismic acquisition systems, including high-temperature wireline instruments, downhole tools, recording systems, and fiber optics. This is in addition to more traditional geophysical instrumentation, experienced field personnel, and instrument fabrication facilities.

As part of EGD’s ‘Sustainable Earth’ Strategic Direction, these methods will be utilized in a variety of contexts relevant to DOE’s mission of finding scientific solutions for the sustainable utilization of the subsurface, including characterization and monitoring of geological carbon storage, geothermal systems, oil and gas reservoirs, nuclear waste disposal, and groundwater management. The successful candidate will take advantage of world-class experimental and computational facilities at Berkeley Lab, including LBNL’s unique Geosciences Measurement Facility to propose and develop funding for projects in both current and new research areas. Active collaboration with other scientific divisions across Berkeley Lab including the Climate and Ecosystem Sciences division, as well as UC Berkeley, is expected.

To apply, please visit us at and follow the on-line instructions to complete the application process.