PhD in thermodynamical analysis of critical freezing levels, combining field observations and modell

Delft, the Netherlands
Up to $35000 per year + benefits
Mar 17, 2020
Apr 16, 2020
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The main task of the PhD candidate in this 'Clarity on Fruitfrost' project will be to identify critical temperatures for initiation of freezing and freezing resistance in fruit orchards. The idea is to combine physical understanding, modelled conceptually, with field observations at the micro-scale to predict microclimatic variability and effects on plant physiology.
Innovative observation techniques will be used to measure 3D-temperature profiles using optical cables (Distributed Temperature Sensing), thermal cameras and a network of miniature, autonomous temperature sensors. Various frost mitigation measures such as wind machines and sprinkling will be tested in the field to quantify their effectiveness and develop recommendations for optimising these measures.
The PhD candidate will closely collaborate with a second PhD candidate who will focus on LES (Large Eddy Simulation) modelling, to reproduce microclimatic variability and explore scenarios over a range of microclimate conditions and for optimisation of the mitigation measures.The PhD position is part of a research project funded by NWO, “Clarity on Fruitfrost”. Apart from the 2 PhD positions mentioned above, a 3rd PhD position is funded by this project that will focus on the development of innovative, autonomous micro-sensors for field deployment.