Digital Rock Physicist and Geospatial Data Scientist

Albany, Oregon, Morgantown, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sep 30, 2020
Oct 30, 2020
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The Geological & Environmental Systems Directorate (GES) at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), the National Laboratory for the Department of Energy, Office of Fossil Energy, seeks to hire a senior level researcher to fill one position. We are seeking a research scientist/engineer with significant experience in Digital Rock Physics or Geospatial Data Science. GES tackles the challenge of clean energy production from fossil energy sources by focusing on the behavior of natural systems at both the earth’s surface and subsurface, including prediction, control, and monitoring of fluid flow in porous and fractured media. Primary efforts include the long-term storage of CO2, the environmentally sound production of our nation’s conventional and unconventional fossil fuel resources, and the basic science needed to bring methane hydrates into the domestic natural gas resource base. For more information about NETL please visit  For more information about GES please visit

Digital Rock Physicist - should be a senior level researcher who can complement the current GES geochemistry and rock physics/imaging expertise. The researcher will model surface and electrochemistry at the nano scale and its impact on reservoir flow at the pore scale.  The candidate will have the ability to incorporate these first principle models into digital rock models that represent the behavior of rocks. The goal is to construct realistic/accurate digital rock models that can simulate transport properties in porous media. The candidate should have demonstrated leadership capabilities in previous positions. The candidate is expected to develop and lead the digital rock physics focus area and interface with DOE program managers and develop new stakeholders. Applicants should have a demonstrated history of working with multi-disciplinary, multi-entity teams.

Geospatial Data Scientist - should be a senior level geo-spatial researcher with a strong background in machine learning who can help lead the geospatial data analytics group and develop new stakeholders. The desired candidate should have expertise in providing innovative technical solutions to the challenges of processing, interpreting and analyzing large volumes of data, including text, images and other media. We seek individuals who possess research and operational experience, to apply machine learning models and deep learning approaches to the problem of recognition in complex environments given sparse or limited training data.  Applicants should have a demonstrated history of working with multi-disciplinary, multi-entity teams, and are expected to work with, and contribute as a leader within NETL’s existing geo-data science group.  

For more information about the conditions of employment and to formally apply to the position, please visit the Physical Scientist Vacancy Announcement at or the General Engineer Vacancy Announcement  at  It is required that applicants email a cover letter along with their resume/CV to