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Iowa State University, Ames, IA
9- to 12-month research and teaching assistantships
Oct 15, 2020
Nov 14, 2020
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Student / Graduate
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The Department of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences offers graduate programs in Geology, Meteorology, and Earth Science. More information about the application process is available on the departmental website ( Faculty within the department are currently recruiting graduate students for the following positions.


Dr. Betsy Swanner ( is recruiting an MS or PhD student for a research project that investigates iron sources in ferruginous lakes in the Midwest, and is a mixture of biogeochemistry and hydrogeology. The position will be funded by research and teaching assistantships.

Dynamic Meteorology

Dr. Alex Gonzalez ( is recruiting 2 PhD students. The potential students should have strong skills in applied mathematics and computer programming (FORTRAN, Python, NCL) with interests in numerical modeling of tropical storms, the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone, and more generally, Earth’s climate system. These positions will be funded with a combination of research and teaching assistantships.

Earth History

Dr. Ben Johnson ( is recruiting a PhD student to study the oxygen isotope history of seawater and continental emergence, supported by a teaching assistantship. He is also recruiting an MS or PhD student to investigate nutrient cycling during Paleozoic glaciations using nitrogen, carbon, and sulfur isotopes. Pending funding, this position would be a research assistantship, and would involve fieldwork in Australia.

Extreme Weather and Climate Variability

Prof. Christina Patricola ( is seeking multiple PhD and MS students to investigate the large-scale drivers, local-scale processes, and coupled feedbacks that determine variability and change in tropical cyclone activity using global and/or regional climate models and observations. These positions will be funded by research assistantships.

Geophysics and Seismology

Dr. Igor Beresnev ( is recruiting a PhD student to investigate earthquake-source properties using strong-motion data and numerical simulations of earthquake radiation. This position is funded by a teaching assistantship.

Glacial Geomorphology

Dr. Neal Iverson ( is recruiting an MS or PhD student for field and laboratory studies of glacier ice hydraulic permeability. This position is funded by a research and teaching assistantships.

Land-Atmosphere Interactions

Dr. Ian Williams ( is recruiting 1 PhD student to research the roles of vegetation canopies and turbulence in Earth's water cycle, funded by a research assistantship.

Surface Water Hydrology

Dr. Kristie Franz ( is recruiting one student (MS or PhD) for either (1) agent-based model development or (2) testing agricultural tile model in the National Water Model. This position is funded by a combination of research and teaching assistantships.

Synoptic and Mesoscale Meteorology

Dr. Bill Gallus ( is recruiting 2 PhD students to investigate reasons for common errors in simulation of convective morphology, testing sensitivity to microphysics, and using both WRF and FV3 models, with some idealized CM1 simulations. These positions are funded by research assistantships.