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Postdoctoral Fellowship Positions

SinoProbe Labortary, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences
SinoProbe Lab of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Beijing, China
No less than 300,000 RMB per year + research fund, apartment or renting subsidies, and other benefit
Closing date
Jul 4, 2022

Postdoctoral Fellowship Positions at the SinoProbe Lab

of the Ministry of Natural Resources, China

The SinoProbe Lab of the Ministry of Natural Resources is the first of its kind in the field of deep exploration in China. Formally established in Feb. 2021, it is operated as a national lab, supported by the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences. According to the national strategic layout of science and technology in deep exploration, the SinoProbe Lab focuses on the areas of Deep Structure Exploration and Continental Deformation, Deep Material Circulation and Metallogenic System, Deep Processes and Dynamics, Deep Underground Space, Geothermal Energy and Carbon Storage, and related major questions. Embracing the big data of deep earth and deep exploration technologies, the SinoProb Lab will be gradually built into a center for deep earth exploration and scientific research in China and abroad. As such, a number of postdoctoral fellowship positions are open in 2022. The relevant particulars are as follows:


I. Requirements

i. Be law-abiding, with upright academic ethics and a strong sense of responsibility; ability to work in team with effective communication; be devoted, hard-working and disciplined, and strictly abide by rules and regulations.

ii. With a doctor's degree for less than 3 years and under the age of 35 when being admitted to the Post-doctoral Center; in good health; ability to independently carry out scientific research, and with correct value for scientific research.

iii. English proficiency in literature reading, writing and speaking, and more than 2 papers as the first author published on SCI journals at home and abroad.

iv. With a doctor's degree, or fresh PhD graduates who have passed the defense and are to be awarded degrees; admission priorities will be given to the returned overseas students with a doctor’s degree abroad and overseas.


II. Research Fields

Research Field-1: Deep exploration and continental deformation

Requested Majors: Solid geophysics, tectonics 


Research Field-2: Matter circulation and metallogenic system

Requested Majors: Petrology, mineral deposit, geochemistry


Research Field-3: Ore-concentrated area exploration and metallogenic prognosis

Requested Majors: Exploration geophysics and numerical modeling


Cooperating Supervisors: Academician Hans Thybo (Denmark), Academician Zengqian Hou (China), Academician Artemieva Irina (Denmark/Germany)


III. Salary, research & logistical supports

i. 2-3 persons will be selected and recruited according to academic requirements. Postdoctoral fellows should sign the Agreement on Recruiting Post-doctoral Researchers with Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS). The contract is valid for 24 months and post-doctoral researchers are not allowed to postpone the completion of their post-doctoral research work.  

ii. Salary is no less than 300,000 RMB per year (including social insurance and housing reserve fund before personal income tax).

iii. Apartment or renting subsidies will be offered to post-doctoral researchers.

iv. The lab will provide research fund and relevant research conditions to post-doctoral researchers and support them to apply for post-doctoral programs, such as “Post-doctoral Initiative Program” and different kinds of national research programs.

v. Outstanding post-doctoral fellows, who have finished their post-doctoral research work, will have the priority to be employed by the lab and will be supported in applying for national programs for talents.


IV. Recruitment Period

From of the date of the announcement to June 30th, 2022.


V. Contact Information

Contact Person: HAN Wei

Tel: 86-10-86411636 , 86-10-68999305


Please also copy your email to SinoProbe Lab Office at

Interested applicants may send your resume, scientific experiences / achievements (such as publication lists) and the attachments to the above email address. 


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