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Multiple Ph.D. positions in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Cornell University

We are seeking M.S. and Ph.D. students to work on the following projects to begin in the Fall of 2023 in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Cornell University.  Please contact the faculty listed below for more information.  Details on applying to Cornell are available here:


Glaciology: Prof. Riley Culberg ( is seeking a Ph.D. student interested in using radar geophysics and remote sensing methods to study the englacial hydrology and structure of ice sheets and/or ice shelves.


Glacial and earthquake physics: Prof. Grace Barcheck (starting summer 2023) is looking for students interested in glacial and earthquake physics. Projects will involve characterizing seismicity and related processes in glaciers and fault zones using dense seismic networks, complimentary geophysical datasets, and machine learning.


Atmospheric Sciences: Prof. Peter Hitchcock ( is seeking a student to work on large-scale dynamical coupling between the stratosphere and troposphere.


Mineral resources: One or two students for resource characterization, integrating mineral deposit geological data with operations and sustainable impacts, drillcore mineral and geochemistry models, mine waste characterization, and/or seafloor nodule geochemistry; please contact Prof Karin Olson Hoal (


Geospace science: Prof. David Hysell ( is seeking multiple students to work on theory and observations of phenomena in the upper atmosphere and ionosphere related to space weather. Projects will involve the use of large international facilities as well as instruments made in our lab together with numerical simulations and forecast models.


Rock Mechanics-Seismology: Prof. Greg McLaskey ( is looking for students interested in the mechanics of earthquakes, underground fluid injection, and slow slip. Projects will involve laboratory experiments, data processing/visualization, and linking lab results to numerical modelling and field observations.


Seismology-geophysics: Prof. Geoff Abers ( seeks students to join a group studying the structure and seismicity of subduction zones.


Radar, ground surface change, and soil moisture: Prof. Rowena Lohman ( is seeking a Ph.D. student to work on satellite observations of ground surface change, including innovative measurements of soil moisture from space


Volcanology, and remote sensing: Prof. Matt Pritchard ( is looking for a Ph.D. student to work on an inter-disciplinary global synthesis of volcano remote sensing observations for the Earth and Venus.

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